Bleak Theology A post-punk counterweight to joy.

This Evil Insurrection. This Infernal Godhead.


This horrific insurrection before our eyes is of the dumbest, most ignorant parts of America. It refuses to accept juridicial verdicts about the veracity of their claims, even the review by SCOTUS with three Trump appointees. It refuses to accept the legislative authority of the Electoral College and the executive authority of the Vice President. This insurrection is thoroughly unconstitutional.

It proclaims law and order, but only as far as law and order expresses itself through direct legislation for their own benefit, through executive might channeled into punitive police force, and through indirect validation via supportive judicial ruling. Such tripartite proclamation is of pure self-interest and dismissive of impartial justice. Impartiality is understood as weakness. Fealty is understood as true strength.

It has no intellectual foundation except for the conspiratorial kaleidoscope through which its putrid world is made true, pure, and good. White supremacy, misogyny, and Christian nationalism are the three persons of its Unholy Trinity. Eternally this infernal godhead devours itself as it crushes the vulnerable, poor, and oppressed. Adherence to Trump’s words and reactive action is conservatism. All else is their understanding of that perennial bugbear Communism™, the globalist diffusion of property and individual identity.

It is pure passion, the kind that is lustful suffering. It is the suffering of grievance. Such passion cannot suffer the architecture and slow machination of law and order. It requires immediate implementation of force of will. It takes on and embodies its law and order in extra-judicial execution. Their self-deception is that they do not commit murder, but perform bloodletting for their nation born again.

These insurrectionists are brutish and brutal. Their seditious America is a rusted knife they plunge into their own abdomen to excise the disobedient organs. These insurrectionists are true totalitarian threats to the body politic that is our democratic republic. They have one but savior, that God-Man of Grift. These fascists feast upon his lies and remain forever starving for more. Blood will not quench their thirst. Truth will not blind them from their hunt.

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By Burke
Bleak Theology A post-punk counterweight to joy.


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