Bleak Theology A post-punk counterweight to joy.

S1 E2 Exvangelicals, Deconstruction, and World’s End


The “biblical worldview” is a foundational understanding of reality that forms and shapes the lives and identities of white evangelicals. It structures, explains, and enforces everything from science to society to salvation. Increasingly, younger evangelicals are reassessing and challenging this worldview through a process commonly called “deconstruction”. As they realize the internal incoherence and inconsistencies of the biblical worldview, as well as the toxic and abusive role of power and authority in the evangelical Church, they leave the only world they’ve ever really known. The term #exvangelical has become a way of identifying those whose who have consciously left – and often at great personal expense. It’s the end of the worldview, but it can feel like the end of the world.

This episode looks at how this biblical worldview came to be and what it has done through the American twentieth century to put us in the fraught socio-political position we find ourselves in now. It also examines the context and unique role #exvangelical plays for those who embrace the term. Can the exvangelical truly escape evangelicalism?

I also consider the phenomenon of deconstruction, focusing on the popular and influential Deconstructionist Podcast. I know they’re not the only example of deconstruction out there. But I believe they’ve done an excellent job of spreading the term and concept for evangelical Christians to use in their self-reflection and critique of the worldview they have inherited. And I think it’s worthwhile to look at the term as they – and many others – understand it. Am I deconstructing deconstruction? Judge for yourselves! (That’s an insider Kierkegaard joke.)

It wouldn’t be bleak theology if Plato, Nietzsche, and Derrida didn’t show up and there’s even some Marx, just for fun. I can’t say that it’s postmodern Marxism, but maybe? Judge for yourselves!

There are show notes for greater context, links, and related information. Be sure to listen, sigh, subscribe, and share this podcast with anyone whose day you’d like to ruin. I’m sure there’s at least one person you want to bring down. You can leave comments and questions on my Podcast page.

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By Burke
Bleak Theology A post-punk counterweight to joy.


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