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Friday Whatever Post


On Wednesday, our Theology Circle finished Bonhoeffer’s Life Together. It seemed that everyone really enjoyed reading it and got a lot of insight out of it. As one reads through it, one discerns Bonhoeffer’s real attempt to lead the reader to the goal of communion, of Christian community. There is a real trajectory there. It’s all very sobering and edifying. And that’s probably why I haven’t blogged about it here.

Now, we’re in hiatus for a few weeks until we figure out what to read next. We’re probably going to do some liberation theology and since that’s grounded in suffering, I’ll probably write on that. Also, I’ll probably live tweet it. Does anyone live tweet a theology circle? Well, I may give it a shot.


I finished off an essay on John Locke yesterday. Just a primer. It’s been years since I’ve read him and he’s quite influential, especially on David Hume, which I look forward to rereading. And I will write about Hume. Now, I’m going to read a synopsis of George Berkeley.


My friend, Phil Fox Rose, told me that Jean-Luc Marion will be speaking tomorrow night and I squee’ed a bit there on the street. He’s one of my idols (bad Marion pun, sorry). Hopefully I can make it!


New Star Trek movie! EEP!

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Bleak Theology A post-punk counterweight to joy.


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