When Numbers are Not

Johánn Jóhannson A Song for Europa Orphée   The Conet Project   I do not consider myself a mystic. Yet, the whole phenomenon of number stations possesses for me an ethereal, preternatural sort of communication, expression, and aesthetic. They are simultaneously calming and unsettling. They are impossible to decipher. The messages are entirely not for […]

In Another School, Sudden Death and its Untimeliness

Last night, I saw this photo. My heart broke again. The day was already strange enough, love and death juxtaposed and mixed. And then the shooting started. Our acknowledgement of the inevitable future of our collective and individual demise was met by the catastrophic present of another school transformed into an abattoir. We did not […]

It’s Just a Donut.

It’s just a donut. There’s a shop in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, just off the G train at Nassau called Peter Pan Donuts. They do good donuts. In fact, Tina Fey has confessed she’d like to have sex with their white-cream-filled powdered ones. Personally, I prefer sex with their red velvet donut ice cream sandwiches, but I […]

Bonhoeffer at Charlottesville

[This post was originally written immediately after 2017’s Alt-Right march on Charlottesville and failed to get picked up for publication. It is posted here in observation of his birthday, February 4, 1906. The work is heavily reliant upon Charles Marsh’s Strange Glory: A Life of Dietrich Bonhoeffer. ] It is at Charlottesville and for the […]