Advent is Eric Garner, dead from a cop’s chokehold.

In light of the two grand jury decisions to not indict the police officers who killed two young black men, I’m posting tonight the text version of the sermon I preached at St. Lydia’s a few weeks ago. This is, after all, the first week of Advent. #blacklivesmatter (You can listen to the recording here). I’m so […]

The End is Near – A Sermon for the First Sunday of Advent

I preached this sermon at St. Lydia’s in Brooklyn, NY on the First Sunday of Advent on the evenings of Sunday, November 9 and Monday, November 10. This recording is from the latter. The title is “The End is Near: Finding Our Voices in the Wilderness of Advent.” The Scripture is Jeremiah 33.14-16 NRSV. 14 The […]

Worry: A Sermon for the First Sunday of Lent

This sermon was offered at St. Lydia’s in Brooklyn, New York on the first Sunday of Lent, February 17, 2013. Worry. Luke 12.13-34 I was an anxious child. I worried about being left alone. I worried about doing the right thing, whatever that was. I worried that other kids would pick on me. I worried. And as I […]