The Unkindness of the Boy Scouts of America

Just to get this out of the way, I am an Eagle Scout. From about age eight through sixteen, my non-academic life was scouting. I went through Cub Scouts, Webelos, attended countless summer camps, the Sixteenth World Jamboree in Australia in 1987/88, the 1990 US National Jamboree, the 1990 Nippon Jamboree, have held pretty much […]

On New Year’s Day, the Wretched.

For New Year’s Day, my wife, two friends, and I saw Les Misérables. Visually, it’s amazing. I found Anne Hathaway’s performance most compelling and I decided that Eponine, played here by the broad-shouldered, tiny-waisted Samantha Barks, should have been called “Corsette.” There is the critical scene in Hugo’s masterpiece where Bishop Myriel, also known as […]