We played a flute for you, you did not dance. We sang dirge, you did not mourn.

It can be easier to learn, to retain information in cadence. Rhythms offer repetition. A kind of re-membering, reattaching significance to each other and to ourselves. Gilgamesh, Iliad, Odyssey, Job, Aeneid, Metamorphoses. These are all poems, all ancient stories. These are also all religious poems. Gods are everywhere. And they interact with humans. There is […]

Ash Wednesday: The Beginning of the End.

Ash Wednesday. And no one cares to make any money off of it. So it doesn’t matter. There’s no party. No consumption. In fact, the only consumption is lack. We take on emptiness to feel present and presence. And yet advertising is all about need – created need, commodification, distinction, distanciation, fear, insufficiency, desire. Is […]