We played a flute for you, you did not dance. We sang dirge, you did not mourn.

It can be easier to learn, to retain information in cadence. Rhythms offer repetition. A kind of re-membering, reattaching significance to each other and to ourselves. Gilgamesh, Iliad, Odyssey, Job, Aeneid, Metamorphoses. These are all poems, all ancient stories. These are also all religious poems. Gods are everywhere. And they interact with humans. There is […]

The Nones: Not Elsewhere, but Nowhere.

Yesterday, the New York Times published a story on Evangelicals’ shift from the waning stadium/corporate retreat megachurch model to experimentation with communities that are more localized and based on the arts. It’s a response to the growing population of “Nones”, those people who identify themselves with no religious affiliation. These are individuals, usually younger, who […]