About Bleak Theology

This blog is an account of the bleak theology of Burke Gerstenschlager. it is a theology of loss, lamentation, and elegy. It works out its salvation in fear and trembling in a late-capitalist, post-punk bricolage bred from existentialism and postmodernity. A critical aspect of bleak theology is what Kierkegaard defined and described as the absurd. With the absurd always in mind, we seek to act by virtue of the absurd.

In other words, we all die. Alone. If we’re fortunate, we’ll die surrounded by loved people who love us. This theology blog is about what to do with and about ourselves in the meantime.

I’m not always this morose. I’m bleak because I hope so much. I have an MDiv, which makes everything worse. I am an anti-fascist and an admirer of The White Rose. I have a deep love of Scandinavia and Scandinavian culture.

I run St. Lydia‘s Theology Circle, when it’s running.

If you have a comment or question, please feel to send me a note.


                              “Seraphim” – Dan Hillier

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